Plarmia by Milbon - Rock Sexy, Shiny, Sleek Hair Everyday

I don't think my hair has ever been softer, silkier, straighter, lustrous and more manageable.

It's all because of Milbon's new Plarmia Haircare, a world leader in haircare from Japan. It debuted just earlier this year.

No matter when I used it - in a row, after using other products, having a full head of gooey, sticky sprays, gels and glosses - it's completely transformed my hair.

The new restorative homecare line includes shampoo, treatment (all Milbon conditioners are called treatments), and leave-in oil. And there are two kinds available : F for fine to normal hair, and M for coarse hair (I used F):

Plarmia Hairserum F Shampoo deep cleans, but not stripping my already stripped hair any further. It's not very sudsy. but this is a good thing.

F Treatment, winner of Health Magazine's "Beauty Awards 2015: Best Hair Products," is so nourishing, no matter how much I've blow-dried, straightened, or coloured my hair, it rebounds like a champ, swishing in slo-mo like a supermodel on the runway.

Plarmia Hairserum F Oil goes on towel-dried locks and delivers a bunny softness and shine like that shattering lip gloss you love so much. It's so restorative, you'll swear this hair is not your own. Stronger, smoother, better, softer. What more could you ask for?

The entire line has a subtle but beautiful, clean fragrance. And for the first time, you'll feel like your hair has been really cleaned and conditioned without any of the weight or residue that other cleansers leave behind. It's revolutionary.

Found in over 40,000 boutique salons around the world, find the one nearest you and shop Plarmia by Milbon now. Epic hair is now yours.

(Please note Milbon is currently not available in Canada.)

Stephanie Dickison

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