Warner's Bra & Panties - You Won't Believe the Difference They Make

As much as I'd like to slim down and shape up, I can't for the life of me shimmy into shapewear. I just find it too damn constricting.

So when I first saw Warner's No Side Effects Wire Free Contour Bra, I thought it was another attempt to squish me this way and that.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

This bra not only fixes that fatty lump that squeezes it's way out of your bra under your arm (such a disaster when you're in certain dresses/tanks/tops), it works go smooth the back too (welcome back silk and satin!) it does it all so gently, you'll never feel a thing. And it's so damn comfortable, you'll be tempted to just keep it on at all times (which might not be a bad thing - Halle Berry swears by it and just look at her smokin' bod).

Between the smoothing side panels and back, it has an awesome front snap closure (in and out - bam!) and the best adjustable straps you've ever tried (in the front and so easy, you can do it one-handed). 

There's underwire to keep things perky (see Halle Berry, above), but you won't notice it - I told you it was comfortable. And it comes in a range of colours and sizes (White, Toasted Almond, and Black Sizing: 34-36A; 34-40B and C; 36-38D Other solids and Prints: 34-36A; 34-40B and C). I am rocking Toasted Almond, which matches my skintone, but I'm also smitten with Platinum and Butterscotch & White Dots.

I haven't worn any of my other bras since finding this one. That was four weeks ago. That truly says it all.

And ever since first slipping into Warner's No Pinching. No Problems Undies, I am a complete convert. I can't believe I thought my other underwear was ever comfortable - THIS is comfortable!

Available in sizes small to extra large, these awesome panties are feel so good (they promised no pinching, no problems and they came through!), you'll be forever changed. Made of 81% nylon and 19% elastane, they bend and breathe and are as light as air. For those of you who swear by cotton, these might just change your mind. 

I love the Problems Seamless Hipster in Toasted Almond and Problems Hipster With Lace in the most gorgeous colour ever - Mink (if I could only wear one colour for the rest of my days, it would be this one). Not only do they rock all day long  - and are the only undies in my collection with a nice wide waistband that never digs in AND keeps any muffin top from EVER occurring (thankyouthankyouthankyou). If that's not a serious gift, I don't know what is.

I am a Warner's Girl now through and through. I just wish they made whole clothing lines, because now I'm spoiled. Now I know what comfortable really feels like.

Shop Warner's now. In Canada, Warner's is available at Hudson's Bay and Sears.

Stephanie Dickison

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