Tiny Devotions - Live with Intention, Look Fabulous

I first discovered Tiny Devotions back in 2011. Their Mala Beads completely captivated me. Still do.

Now the collection has expanded into phenomenal accessories such as bags, blanket, socks and scarves.

The scarves are a must for fall and for gift-giving this season. Though thinner and made of polyester, the fabric has a rich silkiness to it and the same softness as a pashmina. And thanks to its size - 3 ft by 5 ft - you can wear it numerous ways: as a wrap, over or under a coat, as a top... the possibilities are endless.

Not only do the scarves add a much-needed hit of colour when you're swathed head-to-toe in all dark shades, they bring a modern bohemian style and serious good vibes. I swear I feel lighter and more zen when I've got my Paia on.

I love the vibrancy of these scarves. With my clothes, I tend to stay pretty neutral and steer clear of patterns, so I like that I can have something with a bold modern look and still enjoy a luxurious texture. The quality is just beyond.

But what gets me to most about Tiny Devotions scarves - as with all of their amazing products -  is the love and intention that goes into making them. While everyone else is wearing a scarf to keep warm or as a fashion accessory, you'll be the only one enveloped in one imbued with meaning and possibility.

What a gift.

Stephanie Dickison

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