FreshTape - A Food Life Saver

Thank god for FreshTape.

Because I have had it with bag clips. The big ones are fine for potato chip bags, but I can't keep them in the house, otherwise I'll hoover the whole thing in one sitting. And even if I could manage to stow them away in the cupboard for any length of time, you can't use the clip on anything else. Yeah, just try and use it on your bag of frozen veg - next time when you open the freezer, the cheap plastic's snapped in two and your lovely garden mix of broccoli and cauliflower is now covered under a deep crust of frost.

And have you ever found a clip that fits a bag of greens? After years of hopeless searching, I gave up and have used a haphazard combination of elastics, rolling the open top underneath the bottom of the bag and really, just giving up and hoping that I can finish the bag before serious wilting occurs.

That's why I am so grateful to Liz and Laura, creators of FreshTape. Their brilliant invention allows me to close up everything from bags of rice, to salad greens (see above) to the frozen fruit for my daily smoothies in a snap.

FreshTape works about "a dozen times or more" and are reusable, resealable and recyclable. Closing up cupboard pantry items will go a lot further than freezer items and they work best on non-paper flexible packaging naturally.And you can feel good about using them as they are BPA and Phtalate free, as well as FDA compliant and made in the US.
These thick swaths of glossy tape are strong, yet darn pretty and patterned (which is important, because otherwise we would all be using gross grey duct tape by now). I absolutely love the different sets available:

- Patterns are modern and fresh
- Retro are so cute and fun
- The Nautical set is so gorgeous, I wish they came as phone cases too
- Because you're probably either a dog or cat person

Your food isn't just sealed - it's accessorized. And now your products have flair, something you certainly couldn't say with those ugly old plastic/metal clips you used to use. 

It's like gift wrapping your food. Which makes every time you open it now, an occasion.

Stephanie Dickison

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