Tee Fury - The Coolest Sneaks & Tees Just in Time for Father's Day

I like to think that not all fathers are into golf, barbecue, blockbusters, football or fishing. I believe that there are dads out there that are actually cool. These guys listen to contemporary music, read books, and rock awesome shoes and tees.

That's why you should shop for Dad at TeeFury this year.

Get him one of their amazing limited edition tees. Each day, a new design is released, making it a completely unique gift. Not-to-be-missed is the hilarious TeeFury's Got Tea? t-shirt! And it just happens to be 20% off for Father's Day. Sweet (psst - get one for yourself too as they won't be available for long). The thick cotton is dense without being heavy - just fantastic quality. And of course, the design is timeless as well as priceless, so Dad will be thrilled.

And because we all know shoes make the man, you've got to get him a pair of Shoe Fury. Choose either a Chuck Taylor-ish or slip on style, with a design that's digitally printed and custom made per order. Every shoe comes with a zip-off top so that you can change up the design without having to buy a whole new pair of shoes. Also, Dad can rock two designs at once. How cool is that?!

There are a lot of designs that are gaming references that I don't know, but the images on their own are fantastic. The Joker parody shoes, Last Laugh, are scary and dramatic, but oh-so-cool is Dad is into comics. And Send a Raven is ideal if he's into literature like Poe.

My faves are the Japanese-inspired Rising Tide and Hokusai Gojira (pictured above), which are dramatic in their own way.

Again, the quality is unbelievable - the zipper slides seamlessly, the heavy canvas is pliable and comfortable, yet sturdy, the sole thick and hearty, and because the design is digital printed on, you don't have to worry about it flaking or peeling off.  Dad is going to freakin' love them.

Shop Tee Fury & Shoe Fury now and make this the best Father's Day ever.

Stephanie Dickison

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