UNITE Haircare - Fabulous Locks From Start to Finish

Are you always wishing that your hair was shiny and more manageable? That it looked more like the styles you see in Harper's Bazaar, and less like Phil Spector's frizzy disaster?

No matter how crazy your mane, UNITE Haircare will make it right.

I know because I have part curly, part wavy hair with cowlicks that I wrestle to straighten out on a daily basis. I also colour, blow-dry and flat iron my hair, so it's constantly dry, kinky, and now tangled (that's a new one for me). Every day is a battle to try and get it to look sleek and stylish.  Every freakin' day.

UNITE products completely change your hair, which is why it's a fave of celebs like Katy Perry, Nina Dobrev, Jessica Simpson and Lady Gaga.

Here's a quick look at how to get locks like a cover girl:

- UNITE 7Seconds Detangler Brush is one of those things that you use once and then you have to scream, "Where have you been all my life," no matter who's in the room with you. I have a sensitive scalp so I find most brushes too abrasive. The Detangler Brush however, is gentle, yet effectively, efficiently works through all those tangles, not to mention it works on both wet and dry hair, and helps reduce hair loss and prevent split ends and further breakage. I love the way it feels and sounds - the handless brush is designed like those used on horses: soft and you use your palm instead of your wrist to comb through your now awesome mane.

- GO365 Hairspray is genius. It allows you to control the amount of spray you want by simply adjusting the nozzle to soft, medium or strong hold. That means that you can now rock your hairstyles for everything from solid updo for work, beachy waves for brunch, and slicked back and sexy for late night drinks, all with just a single spray. Sigh.

- If you're looking for extra volume, all you need is a very, very light sprinkling of EXPANDA Dust (just a titch is all you need). Not only will it elevate your locks, it adds texture. And all without parabens and sodium chloride - phew. This invisible, weightless powder is your new secret weapon to great looking hair. And the best part? It has a light scent that is reminiscent of SweeTarts!

- TRICKY Spray is perfect for folks like me that aren't all that talented when it comes to hair. The product is basically a hairstylist-in-a-bottle. The collab of spray and wax gives you texture and separation, shine and hold all in one fell swoop. All you do is just give a little spritz, run your hands through your hair, and voila - it's hold that you control with the added bonus of definition and shine.

Now that's magazine-worthy hair!

Stephanie Dickison

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