Fivesse Gym Bags - Fit & Fabulous. And Organized. Finally.

Just because you're heading to the gym, doesn't mean you can't be organized and stylish.

Fivesse Gym Bags are the best I've seen yet. Available in a variety of eye-catching styles and sizes, they make heading to your workout a little easier. Especially now that you have compartments to store everything in.

They have thoughtfully considered and based their designs on whether you go from home to the gym and back home, or if you workout after workWho is thinking that much about your schedule other than you?

There is even a garment bag designed to easily attach, making it possible to change for an event, or travel without compromising your own personal style.

There is so much to love and covet about these bags. My Home-Gym-Work Stripe (pictured above) is outfitted with more features than my entire house! And easily denoted with cute icon symbols (the washing machine one is adorable).

I am completely gobsmacked by:

- The stunning design. It looks like luxe luggage more than a mere gym bag.

- How big, yet not bulky it is. I could fit waaaay more than my gym stuff in here. Which is why I am using it as my new travel carry-on, and truly think they should also be marketed for travel. And if it had netting, it would be an ideal carrier for small pets! Ooh, the possibilities...

The fabric, which is lightweight, but durable, thank to a waterproof vinyl bottom. The inside is made of polyester (treated with an  anti-microbial treatment) and double coated polyurethane that's also water resistant, so go ahead and swim and sweat. This bag can take it!

- The handles. Thick, but soft enough webbing that it won't cut into your shoulder. And thankfully deep enough to fit over my thick, puffy coat in winter, which where I live is most of the months of the year.

- Built-in straps for your yoga mat, so you don't have to lug around an extra bag. Phew.

- A large zippered pocket for your toiletries. Compartmentalizing is a great thing.

- An elastic pouch for your jewelery. Because whether you spent a mint on them or not, they are keepsakes and you want them to be safe and sound.

- The music pocket! Talk about sweet features. Keep your iPod separate from everything else, because it's certainly not a toiletry and you don't want it getting anywhere near your sweaty attire.

- Ear bud wrap! Tangled cords are a thing of the past now, thanks to Fivesse.
- A quick and easy to use key hook. I try to keep what I take to the gym as minimal as possible, so this allows me to keep 'em right where I can easily see and access them without digging for them around the bottom of the bag like a flake.
- Small ID pocket. Located on the outside at the top, you can find and scan your gym card with ease.

- A convenient side pocket for your phone. Because you never know when you're going to have to take a call and again, no digging.

- Glasses compartment! When I go swimming, I have to leave my glasses in my locker. Now, they've got their own spot. Genius. And so much appreciated from us four-eyed folk.

- A netted laundry zip up pouch, which means you'll never have to scrounge around for what needs to be thrown in the wash. Saving you valuable time and mental energy.

- The large and deep webbed sneaker pouch. It's accessible from the outside but can hold everything from a pair of large sneakers to your entire gym wardrobe or towel.

- An extra polyester bag. I swim twice a week, so this keeps me soggy suit and cap separate from everything else. Which means no more putting them in grocery bags. Ew.

- Two elastic water bottle holders on the side. Now I can stay hydrated and keep my greens drink and/or smoothies and remain hands-free.

Whether you like to work out with machines, do a dance or yoga class, or swim at the Y, this bag has absolutely everything you need. And more.
Seriously, Fivesse, where have you been all my life and please tell me you are going to do an entire line for the home?! Because if each room of my house were as organized as my gym stuff is now, thanks to you, I would be an extremely elated individual.
Shop Fivesse Gym Bags now and completely transform your gym experience. In fact, their bags are go great, it might just motivate you to go based on how gorgeous and well-packed it is!

p.s. I can't wait to see their soon-to-arrive beach bags. If anything will get me down to the shore, it will be these.

Stephanie Dickison

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