Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop: The Rolls-Royce of Ice Cream Scoops

There is nothing worse that having to work with a mediocre utensils in the kitchen. Having owned my own catering company and working in restaurants with some of the best chefs, I've learned that you've got to have the right tool for the job. The amount of time and effort you'll save is unbelievable.

So over the years I've upgraded a lot of my equipment - everything from pots and pans and kettle to my ladle. The difference they've made is beyond mere words.

So when I heard about the Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop, I was captivated. Not because I eat a lot of ice I really don't (unless it's Frozen Assets Ice Cream Co., and then all bets are off).  But because it was designed to be the optimal tool for the job.

See most scoops have a ball head and short handle.  You have to use a lot of wrist muscles to turn the ice cream. So the head was turned and angled and the handle elongated.

This means that you have to work less to get that Bone Marrow Sour Cherry or Buttered Popcorn ice cream into your bowl (I told you Frozen Assets was amazing!). 

At first glance, you'll notice the immense beauty of the Belle-V Scoop (this would be the only occasion where it's acceptable to leave a utensil out on the counter), but as soon as you pick it up, you'll feel the lovely weight of it - not too draggy, but a sweet heft that feels good. 

Other features include a spade-shaped leading edge for hard-to-reach spots and because it's made from solid aluminum, it helps you loosen even the hardest packed Rocky Road.
Hand finished and polished, it's not just a fantastic utensil - it's a work of art.

Available in black or chrome, it makes the most stunning gift. And one that will be so appreciated for years to come.

You just have to try it once to become a convert. Just look at me - now I've got two tubs of ice cream in my freezer. This from a girl who has no sweet tooth to speak of. Just imagine what yours will look like.

Shop Belle-V now and instantly upgrade your ice cream experience.


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