Make Collaboration - Getting Organized Have Never Been Easier, or More Stylish

Happy September and Happy Labour Day!

This is one of my favourite days of the year, as it always marks the day before back-to-school.

While it has been many a decade since I last attended classes or took notes in a binder, I still use it as a day to get organized and start anew.

And there is no better, or more stylish, way than the awesome products from Make Collaboration.

If you work on a laptop, you know the kind of heat it can generate in a short amount of time. So perhaps you've given into one of those thick, black, clunky, loud laptop cooling pads that

Give your computer room to breathe with The Prop, an amazingly chic laptop stand. It takes up little room, but it's pretty bow profile can be seen from all angles. It also comes apart to lie flat, so you can pack it up to take to the office or while traveling further abroad.

Now you can work in comfort and style. Ahh, that's better.

Go ahead and rework your desk and workspace all you want, but we both know that what really needs attending to is how you capture and plan your time. I've got three fab solutions for you:

Original Vertical Calendar

Look, it's time you upgraded from those hot air balloon/cat/beach vista wall calendars that you've been relying on for years. You are a modern, sophisticated gal, so how you track your life should be too. Get a look at your time one streamlined month at a time (or display a group if you wish), with this enlightened, dapper wall calendar (pictured above).

It comes with rainbow-coloured icon event stickers (because you are never too old for stickers) and an ingenious hanging system that leaves your pages hole-free.

And no need to mark down the holidays - they are thoughtfully added, so you'll always know well ahead of time the days you'll have free from work - and there is a ton of room to mark down where you need to be and when.

It's a brand new way of looking at your schedule (top to bottom, instead of left to right). And isn't it about time?

Mini Vertical

How cute is this?! A smaller version for compact spaces and ideal for the office, but no less dashing than its big brother.

Week Plan

For years, I have always had a week-at-glance planner in addition to anything else I'm using. It helps me focus on what lies immediately ahead, without getting distracted or overwhelmed by what's to come. And should I have to recall what I'm doing from memory, I can almost always do it if I just have the one week to think about.

 Make Collab's Week Plan is one of the greatest of all time. First of all, being set in Helvetica, it's super clean and minimalist, so that what you write down becomes the focus, not the calendar.

It's got space for the date, and all your many, many to-dos and deadlines. Sized like the mini, it's small enough to squeeze in anywhere (it fits snugly underneath your keyboard) and handily includes a 31 day spread, so you always know where you stand. With 60 pages and 90 stickers (woo woo!), you can plan your work and work your plan like a pro.

With these sleek products and systems in place from Make Collaboration, you'll always be on top of your game.

p.s. Select packages and you'll get a whack of products, all at a reduced price.

Stephanie Dickison

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