Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm - It's Everything You've Ever Wanted. And Then Some.

Because I'm so pale and have a peachy complexion naturally, I have to be careful about the makeup/ foundation that I wear. It can't have too much colour because then it looks like I'm peering out from under a mask. And it would be great if it could help  cover up everything the dark circles under my eyes. And infusing some luminosity into this face of mine would really help too.


But that's asking waaay too much from a single product. It's unfair to put all that pressure on a company to try and come up with something addressing all of those issues.

Stila (available at Shoppers Drug Mart BeautyBOUTIQUE) not only rises to the challenge, but exceeds all of my expectations with Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm.

I should have known. My Stila Creme Bouquet Fragrance was one of the first products I tried from the brand and it still rocks my world - and others (I wore it just last week and a colleague stopped what she was doing, whirled around to face me and said, "What is that you're wearing and where can I get some?").

This miraculous beauty balm does it all, in one fell swoop, meaning that your bathroom cabinet no longer has to be cluttered with 10 different products to cover all these bases.

So get ready to rid yourself of those pores the size of a cronut. And that little bump that's on its way to become a pimple? Say buh-bye as micro spheres camouflage it, leaving your skin a veil of perfection (your secret is safe with me). That redness you've been trying to cover up all these years? Vanished.

Up until now, your wrinkles have been so deep, you could practically store your tax receipts in them . Now they seem to have been airbrushed out, thanks to tripeptide-37, bamboo and pea extract ingredients.

I love how luxe it feels both upon application (so silky and smooth) and during the day (so light, you don't feel like you're wearing anything at all). And although you are welcome to go ahead and apply your makeup over it, the radiant glow it gives me is so fetching,  I wear it completely on its own. The wonderful slight shimmer makes my skin look so healthy and happy and means that I can skip trying to add various highlighting products. Phew.

There's also a lovely faint, fresh floral scent that makes putting on your face in the morning, no matter how time-crunched you are (where is that other shoe?!), peaceful.

It's good for all skin types and skin tone and is oil- and paraben-free, as well as dermatologist tested, so it's not just makeup and it's not just a balm either. 

It's perfection in a tube.

Get yourself Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm and look the best you've looked in months years.

Stephanie Dickison

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