Korres Natural Products - Stop Eating Greek Yogurt & Do This Instead

There are some companies that just stand the test of time and everything they make is just so incredible, you stare at your new remarkable skin. Instead of talking about the matters at hand, your lunch meeting centers around you gushing about your latest discovery.

Korres has been making me swoon since 2007, when I first tried their products. And revisiting their line back in 2012 just made me love them more.

So it's no wonder I am still completely smitten.

As I'm sure you know by all of the reek yogurt has miraculous healing properties. so Korres took that power and harnessed it into a face cream that will floor you.

See, the way to tell if your face cream rocks, is the extraordinary, immediate effect on your skin. Can you see a difference in its texture and tone?

I saw staggering results after just a few days of trying I Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial.

That awful dry, crackly feeling your skin gets as soon as you slip between the sheets? Gone. This lush, silky, whipped cream sinks in and deeply moisturizes upon application. It feels so good, your nightly rituals just won't be the same without it.

Usually with night creams, you have to slather them on to feel the hydration start to work. Not with this l'il beauty. Just the teensiest little bit and you'll notice your skin feel like it's been experiencing a drought up until now.

In the morning, I always run to the mirror to see the changes - every single time I've used this cream, my skin is plump and supple, smooth, rosy and as soft as a puppy's ear, like I've just left from an exclusive spa treatment. And I find that I don't need to use it everyday to see long-lasting results - once or twice a week gives me a youthful enough appearance that I look a good decade younger than what is indicated on my passport.

So while your co-workers and besties slurp up greek yogurt for breakfast and breaktime, you and I will be comforted in the knowledge that the secret of youth isn't necessarily eating the stuff - it's putting it on your face at night. The Korres way.

Stephanie Dickison

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