AnyGlove - Work Your Phone & Tablet and Still Have Warm Hands

Now that it's getting colder outside, the need for a hat, scarf and gloves has become a necessity.

While I love the look of a good hat and stylish scarf, gloves become a problem when you're trying to do any of the following things in cold weather:

- extract a subway token from your wallet (you'll be lucky to pick up a quarter or hold onto your transfer for more than three seconds)
- use your phone (you can't even unlock it to make a call without taking off your gloved)
- eat a hot dog (the wool gets everywhere or if you're wearing leather gloves, they soon are as covered as the dog itself)

Luckily, I found an awesome solution for one of them. 

AnyGlove transforms any pair of fabric, fleece or knit gloves into a stylus, so that you can swipe, type, text and tweet, all in the comfort and warmth of your gloves.

You simply apply the liquid to the thumb and fingertips of your gloves, dry completely and get ready to have the fall and winter of your lifetime because you can now email during a snowstorm (maybe you should be watching where you're going, but we've all done it, so no judging, okay?).

This is insanely great for many reasons:

1. You can now check your transit app for the next train/bus/plane in the cold without being cold.
2. Someone is calling but your phone is at the bottom of your purse/pocket/tote. You only have a few rings (can you still call them that even though it's more bleeps and songs now?) to get it and you've still got to take off your gloves to unlock your phone? 
3. Walking and talking on the phone. No matter what the weather or temperature. Enough said.

And there's no need to go out and get touchscreen gloves and then have to remember to bring your touchscreen gloves with you. Just bring your own gloves.

Now that you've got AnyGlove, you're ready for anything. 

Psst. There's also a formula for leather gloves, should you want to be all fancy with your swiping.

Stephanie Dickison

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