Yves Rocher Effect Cellulite Serum - Buh-Bye Bumps! For-evah!

Look, cellulite is not pretty. Especially when you're in a bathing suit.

So as much as I'm trying to eat healthy, lose weight and exercise more, I've still got that stubborn orange peel bumpiness going on. I thought it was something I'd have to live with, that would stick to me forever like barnacles on a boat.

But I shoulda known that Yves Rocher, one of my all-time favourite companies in the world, would have the cure.

Effect Cellulite Serum uses a trifecta of botanical ingredients - green coffee, green tea and centalla to smooth you over and out.

And the best part? It seems to work upon application, so go ahead and book that last minute vacation down south - you are about to look smokin' in that tankini, thanks to Yves Rocher Effect Cellulite Serum.

It comes outta the bottle looking like dulce de leche and feels just as luxurious. Silky to the touch, it absorbs immediately, making your soon-to-be-dissolved bubbly parts feel instantaneously hydrated and moisturized. Then there's the fragrance.  Ooh, it's so divine - like freshly cut grass, mojitos and and winter spuce all at once.

But then there's what happens next...

... You might not accept my word for it until you see it with your own eyes, but it's like your bum and thighs (and wherever else might be ailing you) get that Photoshop wand treatment that washes away all of your imperfections and just leaves you with the most creamy, even, polished skin, you might be tempted to use it on your neck and face (save it for your nether, bumpier parts, please).

It will change everything.

Stephanie Dickison

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