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Is life weighing you down? Or maybe it's just your hair.

See, the shampoo you're using is probably one of those big name drugstore brands that is filled with sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride. They might sound fancy, but you don't want 'em in your products. Leeching the natural oils from your locks, these harmful chemicals also tend to stick around, burdening your hair with a soapiness that never seems to leave.

That's why you'll notice such a drastic difference when you switch to sfree Moisture Shampoo.

And as gentle as it is with its 11 botanical extracts (including chamomile, lemongrass, sage leaf and witch hazel), it is extremely effective in its treatment of both hair and scalp dryness.

I noticed a difference after just two washes. My hair - previously in ruins - came out silky soft and voluminous. You know those shampoo commercials where the model walks out of the salon in slow motion, hair bouncing like a kangaroo? That's what it was like.

And light too. That's because you're not walking around with a headful of product anymore. Though you still get to enjoy a nice creamy lather,  it rinses clean away. Which makes a huge difference to your scalp health as well. No more buildup, just a nice clean head of hair.

The scent is captivating - fresh and clean, yet feminine and floral. And you don't have to leave that behind in the shower - the fragrance delicately lingers, so you can enjoy it throughout the day (Be prepared for people to gush over how good you smell).

sfree Moisture Shampoo gives your hair the reprieve it deserves.
  • Ideal for relaxed, curly, straightened and colored hair

Stephanie Dickison

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