Joya Studio - Intoxicating Handcrafted Candles Made in New York

I am a latecomer to candles.

Most people like them right away and incorporate them into their daily lives. I really have just discovered them in recent years. And my love affair all started with Joya a few years ago.

See, it wasn't until I was introduced to their really fine candles that I could see what all the fuss is about.  The craftsmanship of a candle, the way it burns, the fragrance it releases, and the container it is in are all important factors and make all the difference.

Maybe it's because Joya Candles are made in New York, one of my favourite cities in the world and a place I hope to live someday soon, and they somehow infuse the cities passion and energy into each candle (without any of the frenzy, thank goodness - you want a candle to relax you.

Or perhaps it because their fragrances are so exquisite and elegant without ever being intrusive. There is a freshness and lightness that accompanies each scent, no matter how deep and rich it is.

Take their collab with couture house Rodarte. This heavenly garden bloom is vibrant with fresh florals - Hawaiian orchid, camellia flower - sweet musk, and a hint of fruit delivered via mirabelle plum and quince. Ditch the floral arrangements that sag after a few days' time - this soy-based candle lasts and lasts and is far more swanky than any bunch of flowers can ever muster.  Even the container is super luxe - the glass with the etched trees makes a lovely addition to the kitchen counter, bedroom nightstand or the bathroom cabinet, even long after the candle has burned away.

The Joya FvsS: Home Fragrance Collection is my first choice for home fragrance as they use natural ingredients - soy, vegetable oil and beeswax, essential oils and fragrance, and a cotton wick. This way you never have to worry about clogging your air with chemicals, you get a really clean burn and each candle lasts approximately 75 hours, so you don't have to "save" using your "good" candles, like you might have in the past.

If you want something a little edgier than your usual go-to scent, I recommend Pomegranate, Laurel & White Pepper (pictured above). To me, it's got a little rock-and-roll flare to it. The unexpected twist of white pepper tangles with oakmoss, juniper twig and wild ginger, giving it a rich and sophisticated spiciness, without ever straying from the classic elegance that is Joya.  

Ceramic artist Sarah Cihat has done a charming vessel that includes a graphic key set, fired on the side by hand, making it as much an art piece for your home as a way of infusing your space with the most intoxicating scent.

Joya - it's not just candles. It's the whole package.

Shop Joya now.

Stephanie Dickison

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