Inkwear Temporary Tattoos - Try It On in the Meantime

I have wanted a tattoo on my wrist for years, but am still deciding on a design. I figure if it's going to be permanent, it should be exactly what I want.

But I am jonesing for that look and feel, for that stamp of identity and personal expression. In searching for temporary ones, I couldn't find anything that looked like the real thing - they were either cartoony or too princess-y for me.

And then I found Inkwear, and fell madly, deeply in love.

Their designs look like the real thing and the images are so moving, you'll be getting your first tattoo based on their stick-on version.

This hummingbird I tried on (pictured above) is so beautiful, I am considering getting a permanent one. You can't see the delicate detail or the shimmery black "ink" in the picture, but up close and personal, it looks like the real deal.

The Chain & Birds Set I got contains gorgeous artwork just like the feather and birds (pictured at top), a dandelion, red flowers, a band of intricate late, pearls with a sweet little bird at the end, as well as pearls, chains, a burst of stars, a women all dolled up for Day of the Dead, and 2 hummingbirds. It's really the ultimate set, as far as I'm concerned and will keep me adorned all season.

But the spectacular choices continue with the enviable Art Set 2, another of my favourites - Delicate Jewelry Set, Pack 1 with its mix of edgy and ethereal art, Inkwear Faves with celebrity-inspired designs, and for those of you looking to really go all out, there's the awesome Pinup Nylon Sleeve

Easy to use (cut out image, remove transparent film, press design face-down on skin, wet with a cloth for 20 seconds) and long-lasting (small: 2-3 days, med: 2-5 days, long: 3-10 days and waterproof), you might want to keep trying different looks out instead of getting that one permanent one.

Inkwear, you rock my world and my soul!

Stephanie Dickison

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