Gwendolyn-Mary Perfumes & Candles - Music to Your Ears

Never before have you had candles or perfumes like those from Gwendolyn-Mary.

This amazing LA fragrance company combines music and fragrance, bringing together scent and sound for the very first time.

Pavane candles and perfumes are truly an unforgettable collection. Based on a couple's dance that rocked Europe during the 16th century, you get more than a scent - you get an experience.

Just think of how your favourite song is forever changed by the video, how that song you heard when you met "the one" is now embedded in not just your mind, but your heart, how you'll never for that night. You know the one. Isn't that memory accompanied by a song, or perhaps a whole soundtrack? Now you've got candles and perfumes the evoke the same feelings and memories.

Gwendolyn-Mary's Pavane collection,  a fragrance interpretation of the music, comes in three distinct scents:

Pavane No. 1 - The top notes is an intoxicating blend that is both enticing and invigorating. The blend of sweetness from lychee fruit, fig and orange blossom gives way to a breath of fresh air with fresh cut grass, giving it a first day of summer kind of sunshine-y feel. Absolute bliss.
Gabriel Fauré's Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50
Gabriel Fauré's Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50.
Gabriel Fauré's Pavane in F-sharp minor, Op. 50.

Pavane No. 2 - Middle notes is completely enveloping. Warm, sensual, yet very light and feminine, this sultry fusion of shimmering water lily, Moroccan red rose and stargazer lily is undeniably confident and sexy - so don't be surprised if you end up skinny-dipping at midnight, dancing on a speaker in front of a crowd or being extra forward with that hottie at the end of the bar.

Pavane No. 3 - Fine tobacco, cedar and sandalwood mingle with oak moss, vanilla and clove, giving this base notes scent a heady, manly scent. Think Ryan Gosling in a suit, tie loosened, aged bourbon in hand, feet splayed, just waiting for you at the end of a long day. Uh huh.

Whether you choose to daub one of these momentous scents behind your ears, on your wrists and on the backs of your knees, or strike a match and light one of these exquisite hand-poured soy candles, get ready for something much more than a perfume or candle.

Get ready for an unforgettable moment in time.

Stephanie Dickison

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