Bites of Bliss - Little Healthy Indulgences

At around two in the afternoon, it seems no matter what I'm doing, I get antsy. I squirm, I sigh and I start looking for a snack.

The afternoon "dozies," as my friend Wayne calls them, creep up on my pretty much every day, no matter how much sleep I've had or how balanced a lunch I've consumed.

One of the best ways to battle it, I've found, is with Bites of Bliss.

These delicious little snacks are free of all of the bad stuff (no dairy, soy, agave, gluten, preservatives, trans fats, cholesterol and GMO), and chock full of the good stuff (organic, raw, vegan, certified organic and kosher, omega-3 fats, antioxidants and fiber), so forget about reaching for chips or chocolate bars when you're craving a little something.

There are three flavours to choose from and each has an abundance of rich ingredients that will outdo any energy bar or cup of caffeine that you've come to rely on.

My favourite is Carob/Almond Butter - so rich and decadent, it's hard to believe it's made from such pure ingredients (organic raw dates, organic raw walnuts, organic raw almond butter, organic carob powder, organic raw hemp seeds, organic raw extra virgin coconut oil and organic vanilla extract). The Pineapple/Coconut and Goji Berry are mighty fine too and I've found they make a great breakfast-on-the-go option.

They blissful bites are just 200 or less calories each, which is way less than that sugar-ridden, chemically-induced granola bar or bagel you've been subsisting on all this time.

Find out where to get Bites of Bliss near you and snack better, snack healthier, without compromising flavour.

Stephanie Dickison

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