Technology Report: Cookoo The Connected Watch - Stay in Touch, Feel Like Bond

If I had to pick product of the year, I'd have to go with Cookoo The Connected Watch.

This watch is not only super stylin', it actually improves your life.

See, it's connected with your phone and lets you set it so that you only see the information you want to see. So you can stop checking your phone every five seconds and get on with your day with confidence, armed with the knowledge you need whenever you need it.

Simply download the app - Google Play Android  4.2.2. or 4.3 or iTunes for iOS 6 & iOS 7 and sync your watch and BAM! Suddenly you're on top of everything from incoming calls (even missed calls!), texts, tweets, fb posts and msgs, calendar reminders, emails, your iPad or iPhone's low battery.
You can even do things like remotely take a picture or find your phone.

Super easy to set up and use, don't worry if you're not usually computer-minded - you don't have to be thanks to the genius designers at Cookoo.

I love how customizable it is - set your notifications to icon, beep or vibrate and go ahead and change it as your environments change (for example - at the office: icon, on the go: beep, at home: vibrate).  

And while most people look down at their watch to check the time, you can be working and multi-tasking the day away - with no one the wiser!

It's like having your own butler that's super tech-savvy and stays outta your way!

Cookoo the Connected Watch is by far one of the coolest gifts you'll ever get or give (it even comes in this amazing birdhouse shaped box).

Buy yours now and stay in touch like never before.

Stephanie Dickison

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