Solevation - A Foot Massage While You Shower Without Lifting a Finger

I wish I had the soft, tender tootsies that my friends have somehow been blessed with.

Maybe it's genetics or the fact that I walk everywhere, wear high heels almost exclusively, don't get pedicures and have only been to a spa a couple times in my life.

Whatever the reason, I have tough, rough feet.

So when I discovered Solevation, the clouds parted, angels sung and a ray of sunshine burst forth. Finally a way to soften my feet without having to get out a bucket and add crystals and wait for the water to cool down. Or using one of those hard brushes that hurts and tickles at the same time - that's no fun.

Solevation is perfect because it allows you to clean and soften your feet while you're in the shower. There's nothing more precious than time, and if I can multitask while I'm getting ready for the day, I'm ahead of the game.

Also, I already use a bath mat (I have the shin bruises to prove how slippery my tub is), so why not use one that scrubs away the dirt and grime and results in smooth, soft feet that finally look good in sandals?

The combination of sand and loofah gives your feet the hearty scouring they desperately need (honestly, how often are you crouching over, rubbing and washing your feet the way you do the rest of your beautiful bod?), without having to lift a finger - simply shuffle your feet a few times across the mat this way and that, and you'll see that it takes just seconds to get incredible supple skin. Seconds.

And having feet this clean? It feels utterly amazing. Like walking on clouds, sunshine, etc. And don't forget the most important bit - starting your day off with a foot massage makes a huge difference in your day and mood. Like getting a phone call from Matt Damon saying what a great job you did on that presentation last week. Well, almost that good...

There are 4 things every bathroom should have - a sink, toilet, shower and Solevation.

Stephanie Dickison

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