Hella Bitter - Take Your Drinks to the Next Level

I have recently come to rely on bitters in my drinks. 

And there is a depth of sophistication that only very good bitters can add to a cocktail. 

One of the best bitters you can buy - Hella Bitter, made in Brooklyn, New York.

Creators Tobin Ludwig, Eduardo Simeon and Jomaree Pinkard have kept their products clean - all-natural, artisan-crafted, small batch approach - and immensely flavourful.

There are two flavours. Get 'em both.

Citrus is so intoxicating and fragrant that you'll want to:

1. cook with it and marinate things in it (there are recipes!)
2. daub a little behind your ears and on your wrists

What I find so compelling about it is its complexity. First, you might experience an anise or 5-spice aroma. Later, you might find you're enveloped in the floral notes that waft over warm caramel tones. It's basically perfection in a bottle.

Aromatic is the huskier, bigger brother of the two. It's a manly tonic, this one. I think I detect clove in there and would you believe they use beets to sweeten it? And just wait until you add it to your Manhattan or Old Fashioned. And don't worry - you can add it to your Champagne Cocktail or Bloody Mary if you're not into prohibition-type cocktails.


Stephanie Dickison

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