Simply Sprouted Way Better Snacks - Delicious Tortilla Chips That Just Happen to Be Healthy Too

Tortilla chips that are baked and not fried is like having a salad without any dressing - why bother, right?

That's usually the case, except when it comes to Simply Sprouted Way Better Snacks.

What makes them so exceptional is that they come by their fantastic taste and texture via germination and sprouting. And thus, they are truly a healthy chip, yet don't taste like it.

Here are just a few sprouting "super facts" as Way Better Snacks calls 'em:
  • Converts starch into simple sugars making them easy to digest
  • Converts protein into amino acids which are vital for vibrant health
  • Converts fat into fatty acids to help keep your cells happy
  • Concentrate vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids
  • Antioxidants and Vitamins can increase as much as 1000%
  • Enzymes can increase as much as 800%
  • The ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber is better
  • Helps neutralize and remove waste from the body
  • Contain anticancer substances
  • Coenzymes are created to more effectively absorb Omega 3′s
  • The SGS (that’s the good stuff!) in Broccoli seeds is up to 50 times higher than in mature broccoli
  • Maximizes nutrient density and is readily bio-available
  • Daikon Radish seeds contain high levels of anti-cancer glucoraphenin 
I mean, once you see the high-quality ingredients they use, you'll think twice about picking up a bag of Doritos. But if I know you, you might still balk because you're worried that because they're so freakin' healthy, they're going to taste like paper plates.

Let me tell you something - as a food writer and a restaurant critic, I'm not afraid to call out someone on their mediocre fare. But these chips right here? They are some of the tastiest I've e-v-e-r had. That's right. They are so delicious that the first bag I tried, Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips, well, let's just say that a whole bag was found empty later next to the couch. I'm not naming names, but there wasn't a crumb to do be found anywhere. After that, I made my way through the entire range of tortilla chips and can honestly say that the full line is completely addictive.

So tasty AND healthy? Absofreakinlutely!

Nom, nom, nom...

Shop Way Better Snacks now.

Stephanie Dickison

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