Razor Renew - Sharpen Your Razor, Scissors & Knives the Old Fashioned Way

I am all for technology and having the latest gadgets, but sometimes it's just easier to write things down on paper, heat something up in a pan on the stove or sharpen your blades with a leather strop.

Razor Renew allows you to keep your tools in tip-top condition, thanks to this old-school practice.

Just think - no longer will you have to throw out your razors when they dull or replace your scissors when they no longer cut even the thinnest of papers or go get your chef knives sharpened by a specialist all the way across town, thanks to your new strapping Razor Renew.

It's easy to use and there is a great instructional video that explains it all as well:

Just adhere one end to something secure and let it hang. Grab the bottom end and pull your razor along the sueded side towards you four times and away from you four times. This sharpens the blades using just the suede side of the strop. Then double the amount both ways on the smooth side to get rid of any bumps and lumps. Then go ahead and get that closer-than-close shave - you'll be dying to show off your gams once they're this smooth.

And then go ahead and do your scissors, knives and anything else that need sharpening. You'll find this method much easier than a sharpening steel and in fact, it's kind of relaxing and meditative once you've done it a few times.

Never again will you be left with dull edges and furry knees with your handsome Razor Renew at hand.

Now that's livin'!

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Stephanie Dickison

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