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Now that winter seems safely behind us, isn't it time you left that winter skin behind?

You know what I mean - that dry, flaky, bumpy skin that's been swathed in thick sweaters, scratchy wool pants and puffy coats for the last six months.

Leave that chemical-laden stuff from the drugstore on the shelf and get yourself Whistler Naturals Vegan Skincare.

This amazing line uses bio-active floral waters, oils, extracts & butters. What that means is that these ingredients do more than just cleanse, replenish and renew.  And all thankfully without the use of animal products, artificial parfums or colours, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, GMO's, sulphates, petroleum products and formaldehyde
Which means your skin is getting exfoliated, moisturized, nourished, firmed and stimulated, each and every time you envelop yourself in Whistler Naturals products.

A good place to start is to slough off that winter exterior with Vanilla Silk Sugar Body Scrub. This gentle, but effective exfoliator is rich with emollients like avocado, coconut, organic sunflower & meadowfoam (vitamin E) oils. This combined with real raw plantain sugar gets rid of that rough top layer and reveals soft, smooth, supple skin underneath.

To further nourish your skin, slather yourself with Naked Apricot Lily Body Butter. The delicate fragrance is perfect for this time of year.  And the light, completely non-greasy formula absorbs instantly, so go ahead and throw your clothes on and rush out the door, if you need to - your skin  is in good hands now. And thanks to organic shea butter, aloe vera, organic sunflower and meadowfoam oils, skin softening oats, natural cocoa and soy butter, your skin is insanely soft and touchable, so maybe tonight's the night to cozy up on the couch...

And because you have been busy doing dishes, laundry, cleaning the house, paying bills (it's crazy how dry paper makes your hands!), your hands need a little pampering too. Rose Geranium Hand & Body Lotion  uses Eco-cert approved preservatives and emulsifiers, natural cocoa butter, rose flower, chamomile, white willow and calendula extracts, hydrolyzed oat flour, and sunflower oil to keep your hands satiny all day long. Even despite all those dishes and hand-washing.

So shop Whistler Naturals now and get back your sexy smooth, supple skin.

p.s. you get free samples with every order.

Stephanie Dickison

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