OPI Soft Shades 2013 - Oz The Great and Powerful Collection

OPI’s Soft Shades 2013 collection is based on Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful and offers a heady mix of tried-and-true classics as well as more dazzling looks.

These six new soft crème and warm glitter shades are made to wear on their own or layer for completely up-to-the-moment manicures:

- Lights of Emerald City features large white and smaller iridescent squares that are perfect for glam-ing up any shade.
- Don't Burst My Bubble  is a creamy soft pink that is extremely pretty and feminine and unbelievably flattering. The formula on this one is gorgeous - no ridges, just smooth sailing.
- Why Monkeys Fly is so opulent with gold hexagons and shimmery pearlesque glitter, you'll feel like you're covered in rich jewels.
Glints of Glinda, a surprisingly sophisticated beige-y shade, is so wearable, chances are you'll go through this bottle well before the rest.
- Which is Witch? I'm calling this one rainbow-in-a-bottle, though I did consider disco-ball-in-a-bottle too. 'Nuff said.
- I Theodora You looks bubblegum pink in the bottle, but is pretty in pink from start to finish.
- What Wizardy Is This? is a liquid sand that goes on so smooth and is such a delicious, rich texture and colour, you will be shocked at how often you wear it.

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Stephanie Dickison

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