Owl Monkeys Jewelry - Brilliant Budget-Friendly Bijoux

When I discovered Owl Monkeys products, I thought for sure they'd be outta my price range because their designs are so freakin' adorable and original and there's no way that they could be affordable.

I was wrong. Way wrong

This amazing Canadian company has managed to offer products that are not just stylish, but are infused with humour, fun and joie de vivre!

Take the Afternoon at the Cafe Necklace, for example. When's the last time you've had a street scene emblazoned across your clavicle? It's got everything you need - wine, a dog and a place to sit and watch the world go by as you tuck into some steak frites or perhaps nicoise salad. It's so beyond anything I've ever seen and frankly, the most perfect accessory for a food writer like myself.

In keeping with the food theme, I fell hard for the Bone Stud Earrings. These precious little turkey wishbones aren't quite rose gold colour, but almost. They look tres expensive on, so no one will ever guess they were only $3.99! I wore them for 2 weeks straight and just about every day, I got someone saying how much they loved them. Me too. They're a classic that I will continue to wear throughout the seasons.

The same goes for the absolutely stunning Cupid Heart Stud Earrings (pictured above). They look like they could be Cartier, for goodness sake, but again, they're insanely affordable! I love that they are a set, yet each one is different. I get compliments every time I wear these too. I can't get enough of them. They are pretty and feminine, yet with such enough bling to feel a little fancy too.

I am fascinated by my Ruby Carp Earrings. The colours are so gorgeous and the detailing so fine, it's hard to believe that something this exquisite is only $4.99. How amazing to have such striking jewelry without having to hand over half your paycheck for just one item!

And to add a little art deco to my look, I'm rocking the Half Sun Stud Earrings. I like that they're dramatic without being overbearing. They'll get noticed, but won't overpower my overall look.

Owl Monkeys does more than just jewelry, but when it looks like it could be from one of the big jewelry houses and yet costs less than your morning latte, it's hard not to want to get a bit of everything! And to find jewelry that expresses your interests like photography, fashion and cupcakes at these ridiculously low prices, it's hard not to jump up and down squealing for joy. It's like winning the jewelry lottery, for cryin' out loud.

Now you can not only accessorize the hell outta your wardrobe, you can do it for your friends and family too.

I love you Owl Monkeys. Thank you for some of the most innovative, fun and rockin' jewelry I've ever come across. I will follow you for a lifetime.

Stephanie Dickison

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