Kanex DoubleUp - Powering Your Gadgets Has Never Been Easier

All of the gadgets we've got going on in the house these days is a little bit crazy.

My fella and I each have a smart phone and laptops and tablets and I've got a digital camera and well, the wires snaking their way throughout the house is insane.

And what if I want to charge my phone and my camera or my phone and my tablet? Or what if we both want to charge out phones? It's been during these last few months that we've realized how few outlets we have and we've been forced to swap batteries or borrow each other's various technologies because of how complicated - and let's face it, ridiculous - the charging situation is in our house.

That's why I am so grateful for Kanex's new DoubleUp. It allows us to use one outlet to charge 2 devices.

This mighty handsome, sleek** dual USB charging station simplifies everything and allows you to get on with your day without having to switch plugs or give up charging one device over another.

Offering two full-power 2.1amp USB charging ports means that your tablets, phones will charge quickly and efficiently. And instead of constantly overcharging your devices, the DoubleUp let's you know when each device is fully charged, thanks to a separate LED indicator for each phone/tablet.

And it works with both my Apple and Android products, so finally all of my technologies can live happily together. That's a first!

It' seems like such a small thing, a charger, but my DoubleUp makes such a difference in my entire day and my life, that now I can't imagine being without it.

** Something tells me Chez Larsson would love the white one.

Stephanie Dickison

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