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I am not an athlete. I do not run marathons or bike for hours. I do however run for the bus,walk across the city, rushing from place to place, and occasionally exercise a little with a workout here and there. 

With all of this activity, I am constantly looking for moveable, breathable, comfortable clothing that does not make me look like I've just finished a bike race with logos and emblems everywhere. Ew.

Nuu-Muu is stylish active wear that doesn't scream mountain climber, but does allow you to move mountains. Their exercise dresses can be worn alone, over pants or shorts and layered with various tops and sweaters, allowing you as many different style and warmth options as your work clothes. What is truly genius about this design is that it flatters you in every which way, so you can do what you need to do, without having to constantly pull down or adjust your clothes. The swishy, springy fabric (a polyester/lycra blend) is extremely lightweight and yet not the least bit clingy - something you rarely find in workout gear. 

I'm rocking the Breeze Classic with its sexy flourishes - a little keyhole below the clavicle and straps that really show off your shoulders. The a-line design both highlights my best features and hides what I don't want to see (if only all your wardrobe was this kind). The fabric is opaque, so you don't have to worry about showing off anything you don't want to (another rarity in exercise clothes).

I love how it keeps it shape no matter what. It wicks away moisture and is not only wrinkle/stain/tear resistant but it's machine freakin' washable. Just hang to dry and get on with your day - you can finally stop being a slave to your workout clothes!

There are tons of styles to choose from so go ahead and wear your Nuu-Muu everywhere from the corner store to the patio. When you're in a dress this cute, you can do anything.

Stephanie Dickison

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