Nicole by OPI's Modern Family Collection - Fun, On Trend Colours

Nicole by OPI in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox, has created 14 fun new shades inspired by ABC's award-winning Modern Family

There are shades to represent all the family members and all of them are on trend, so whether you're a fan of the show or just in the mood for some new colours, you'll be seriously happy with the current lineup:

Am I Making Myself Claire? This lavender looks so flawless, it works whether you're at a wedding or an after party.
 I Do De-Claire! This satiny, rosy pink will be a colour that you continue to go back to over and again.
She’s Lily Something Sparkles and stars seem a little too young at first, but lightly washed over another shade and you've got nails that rock the house.
A Like-Haley Story… This fuchsia is going to your go-to colour this season. Just watch.
My Jay or the Highway! Ooh, this taupe makes everything come together.
Stand by Your Manny  You might not think you can wear periwinkle blue, but I think you should. It makes your head-to-toe black wardrobe suddenly look fresh and new.
Alex by the Books In case you haven't noticed, seafoam green is one of the key shades of the season. Staying on trend has never been easier.
Haley Good Lookin’… Pink glitter is not as girly as you think. In fact, it's downright stylin' if you wear it right.
Basking in Gloria Red-violet is a fantastic shade for this season. And don't be afraid - pair it with navy blue and see what a showstopper it is!
Luke of the Draw What's so great about this gunmetal glitter is unless you're all tricked out in black emo clothes, it's actually quite a sophisticated finish.
A Phil’s Paradise Oh my, this pewter is exactly what you and your wardrobe need right now.
Candid Cameron Call this teal just like you see it…gorgeous!
Back in My Gloria Days… Violet with a slight shimmer isn't as disco-y as you think. In fact, it's rather fetching.
What’s the Mitch-uation? Cobalt blue lets you indulge in a dark shade without going over to the dark side - sweet.

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