Kure Bazaar - Polish that Nails it Every Time

Have you noticed how some nail polish lines seem to repeat colours over and again? You think you're buying a new shade of pink, but alas, it's just about the same shade as last season!

Kure Bazaar creates unique shades that stand out from the crowd.  They offer a fantastic range that will keep you from ever tiring of a colour (I tried just 2 shades and have used them over and over again). And to top it all off, these lacquers are non-toxic, so you can wear 'em and change 'em all you like without harming your skin, nails and body.

The hardest part is picking a shade, because they are all so stunning, so I went with the Paris Fashion Week Collection - the ultimate style event of the year:

So Vintage is a deep rose that is both romantic and edgy. A fantastically flattering colour, it goes with everything and yet offers more than most pink polishes. There's a sophistication here that you don't see in other shades, so go ahead and wear it to your most important meetings and rock it over late night drinks. It works for any occasion and any season. It's one of the best shades you'll ever encounter, and for those of you who don't like pink - this one will change your mind.

Khaki is a fascinating shade that might be just outside your comfort zone, but trust me - once you try it, you won't be able to get enough of it. Green polish is a hard colour for fair folks like me to pull off. My skin is quite pink, so it can look quite garish on me. But this army colour is so on trend, so creamy and subtle for a green, that you'd be surprised at how great it looks with everything. Even your work attire. 

And to me, apart from a great formula like theirs - thick, without being gloopy and very even - that's what makes a great polish. Like the new FIAT colours, there's a creaminess to them that keeps them from being too much, too in-your-face, but will still get you noticed.

Kure Bazaar Nail Polishes are a must-have for anyone who wants something different, something better, something outstanding.

Yeah, let's see your drugstore brands compete with all of that.


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