Holocuren Miracle Lips - It's Much More Than Just a Lip Balm

Winter just ravages my lips. The cold air outside, the dry air inside - it seems like no amount of lip balm can soothe them.

Which is why I'm using Holocuren's Miracle Lips. The Miracle Lips Roll On Concentrate Serum hydrates your lips instantly, with the added bonus of a fresh minty feel. The natural, holistic and organic ingredients means that you're not enveloping your skin in anything harmful. You can actually feel the shea butter extract, tea tree leaf oil, menthol and camphor moisturizing and conditioning your dry, flaky lips. Miracle Lips Salve offers more balm-like application, but the ingredients are much the same.

What is surprising is that though the formula is gentle feeling, it's powerful enough to even battle cold sores and actually increases lip circulation. And the bonus? You don't have save it just for your now beautiful pout - go ahead and put it on your skin and let all those amazing and powerful elements such as Brazilian propolis extract, grape seed oil and cocoa seed butter work to rid you of everything from blemishes to insect bites to cuts and scrapes. It's kind of like having a natural first-aid kit at your side. The various vitamins, enzymes, peptides and bioflavinoids help you heal fast and look your very best.

Shop Miracle Lips now and never have dry lips again.


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