Bare Earth Soap - Helping Refugees in Sudan

One of the loveliest gifts you can give someone is a luxurious bar of soap. There's the scent you choose with them in mind, the packaging, and of course, when someone's using it, they'll be thinking of you.

Bare Earth's gorgeous, extremely affordable handmade soaps are not just a wonderful gift, but a chance to give back as well. This amazing husband and wife team have created wonderful soaps with all-natural ingredients with the proceeds from every bar they sell, "to purchase a bar of soap from a local soapmaker in South Sudan and give it to a refugee in need."

All these beautiful soaps have been made with organic palm oil, organic coconut oil and cold pressed olive oil, so your skin gets completely nourished and pampered without any chemicals or artificial ingredients like your run-of-the-mill drugstore soaps. Say hello to smooth, soft skin.

There is a wonderful range to choose from:

I can never get enough of soothing, calming lavender, and the African Violet Soap fills the entire room with its delicate scent, thanks to lavender essential oil.

If you need some help getting energized in the morning, Citrus Sahara Soap will do the trick. A combination of orange essential oil, African sand (how cool is that?) and kaolin clay, which is said to draw out toxins and impurities, gives your skin the reboot it needs to get you ready for tank top and short skirt season.

Are you in need of something to tend to your sensitive skin? White Nile Soap is unscented and
includes avocado oil and shea butter so your dermis will be extremely supple and moisturized. And after this long winter, isn't that exactly what you need right now? And even though Land of Oats and Honey Soap has ground whole oats to gently exfoliate, it too is suitable for your delicate skin, and I love the honey scent that envelops you.

And if you love aroma of coffee, Nuba Kahawa is for you. Sarah & John Tountas designed this soap to represent the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. They said, "We want to use our soap company to create awareness for the desperate situation in the Nuba Mountains."

Made with organic fair trade coffee, organic ground cinnamon, organic ground cloves, cocoa powder and hand-ground nutmeg, you might not need that cup of java after all.

And it's not just the soap and the cause that make it such an extraordinary gift - the beautiful thick patterned paper they're wrapped in make it easy to gift friends, family and colleagues.

Shop Bare Earth Soap now.

Stephanie Dickison

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