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I am kind of obsessed with Swedish and Scandanavian design. I am proud of the IKEA pieces I've chosen for our house and have been quite influenced by Benita's immense fondness for white as chronicled on Chez Larsson. I often carefully select something or am madly drawn to something else and it usually turns out to be Scandinavian. The clean lines and sleek modernism is very appealing to me.

Which is why this holiday season - and for many more years to come - you'll find me playing card game The Stewardess Game.

This uber stylish version of Go Fish is all about the life of a stew, making it anything but childish to play. You simply have to collect four stewardesses, planes, food items, stewardess accessories, pilot gear, items you will find in a stewardess’ bag, arrivals by night, destinations and more. And what makes it so insanely fabulous are the images themselves (as pictured above) that it never feels like just another card game. And there are so many categories that it's never boring either (there are 60 thick glossy cards to collect).

The illustrations and photos are filled with humour, as you can see below, and you'll be surprised by how much you learn about aviation and the different aspects of air travel. I love that they use kids and dress them up as adults for these scenarios, so they are suitable for whomever you're playing with, whatever their age - the whole family can join in on the fun.

I cannot wait for the next time I play The Stewardess Game.

Stephanie Dickison

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