TANDA mē Facial Hair Removal Kit - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Have you noticed as you get older your getting hairier? And I'm not just talking about hair sprouting up in strange spots - I'm talking about around your chin, neck and lips.

It's at the point where if I'm out to lunch with a friend or a morning or afternoon meeting and the sun's streaming in through the window, I am definitely self-conscious about my profile.

So when I heard about the new TANDA mē Facial Hair Removal Kit, the relief I felt was immense. Because here's the thing - I can't afford to go get everything lasered every few weeks so I'm certainly not model bare and as I age, I see that the hair is much more noticeable and why should I suffer andbe hairy just because I don't have a couple of extra thousand every month to get it removed at a spa?

And because I have the original TANDA mē hair removal kit, this is just an add-on and works much the same way - easy peasy! But it's designed just for your face, which is more delicate and has had way more sun exposure and environmental damage than the rest of your bod, so you get an effective result, without further damaging your skin. And you can do it in the comfort of home - no more heading out to embarrassing appointments. Do it while you listen to a book on CD or simply close your eyes and use it as an excuse to bliss out and let your mind finally rest. It's not that far from a vacation feel, actually (especially once all that hair is removed).

All you have to do is a treatment every 2 weeks for 4 to 6 treatments. And then whenever the occasional hair occurs after that.

Soon I'm going to be as hairless as a supermodel.

The TANDA mē Facial Hair Removal Kit is available for a limited time with the
original TANDA mē hair removal kit (pictured above) at Costco as well as on its own.

Stephanie Dickison

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