Shu Uemura Essential Drops - Show Your Scalp Some Love

I have recently fallen for Shu Uemura hair products. The quality is just unbelievable. And the results? Outta this world.

So you can imagine my giddiness in getting to try out Shu Uemura Essential Drops.

I love that there is finally a product that focuses on your scalp. Because I wash my hair every day and colour it the lightest shade of blonde available, my scalp can get dry and I find that there really aren't many products that look after your scalp as well as your hair. Which is why I am so grateful to have discovered Shu Uemura Essential Drops.

This intoxicating blend contains fab ingredients such as avocado and tons of essential oils - peppermint, ginger root and tea tree oil, to name just a few. Chock full of great stuff like gingko biloba and peppermint leaf extracts and excluding out all the gross ingredients such as silicone, paraben and sulfate, you'll notice a difference not only in your scalp, but your locks by the first application.

Just a few of these aromatic drops make a huge difference and you don't have to worry about that medicinal smell that most scalp products have. In fact, the perfume scent that wafts from your hair is so enticing, you'll use it long after your scalp is back to its regular self.

Forget about just changing your hair, this is about changing your whole head.

Stephanie Dickison

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