H20+ Marine Skincare - Say Hello to Your New Winter Essentials

Every once in awhile, things need a reboot. Recently, I went through everything of mine - clothes, pantry cupboard, bookshelves, office drawers - and purged what was no longer relevant and up-to-date. Ooh, it's a wonderful feeling to renew things like that. It gives you a surge of energy that previously felt as if it had been utterly lost.

So you can imagine the excitement I felt about the new logo and packaging of H20 + Marine Skincare, a brand I have loved since I was a teenager. Making shopping a cinch, the collections are even colour-coded and each collection targets a specific concern or skintype, so you can shop quickly and easily.

H20+ is your absolute winter essential. Here are just a few reasons why:

Starting the day with Face Oasis Hydrating Gel is like being soothed and swathed by your own personal ocean. It not only goes only cool and clean, you can feel your skin being drenched and quenched throughout the day. You know that time in the afternoon where your skin feels to dry and tighten? Yeah, you won't be experiencing that anymore. And you know how at the end of the day, your skin would look and feel gross and parched and in need of a good wash and scrub? Say buh-bye to that feeling too. In fact, this gel is so invigorating and energizing (thanks to a blend of vitamins A, C & E as well as a hydrating marine blend of wakame, sea lettuce and fennel), that you might just walk home instead of  take the train, or sign up for those dance classes that you've been dying to try for the last couple of years. And it's not just how your skin will feel either. Just watch at how plump and youthful it looks and how those dry, fine lines that were creeping in on you, take ten steps back.

Total Source Night Cream is so moisturizing that it not only works as a kind of instant facelift, it got rid of my eczema too - something that many creams claimed to do, but failed.  This rich cream feels and smells so good as you apply it, you will drift off to sleep better than you have in months. Then you get to wake up to a face that looks wrinkle free (thank you rooibos), smoother (chestnut rose), more supple (seaweed and sea-sourced pearl extract) and radiant (brightening yarrow extract). It's like winning the lottery.

If you've started to notice lines settling in, give 'em the boot with the brilliant Sea Results Line Mender. This light, whipped, yet dripping with moisture cream has such a wonderful clean scent and feel. Using monk & perry berry, corallina and marine micropatch technology, your lines are filled in and smoothed out as if you hired your own construction crew and cement roller. In fact, the results are so dramatic, 5 days after using it, someone I'd never met told me I looked almost half my actual age. If that's not proof it works miracles, I don't know what is...

And if you don't like fragrances or dyes and you have sensitive skin, you'll treasure the Marine Calm Collection. The Hydrating Face Complex is phenomenal (as is the design of the bottle and pump). It not only treats your delicate face, it protects it too. By utilizing nutrient rich ingredients such as Japanese green and Paraguay teas, amino acids, aloe vera, allantoin and C, E & B5 vitamins, your skin gets all the pampering of those with thicker skin. Who said being fragile was all that bad?

H20+ Marine Skincare - a complete reboot for your skin.

Stephanie Dickison

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