By Nieves Handmade Natural Body Care - Introducing a Complete New You

Are you need of a complete change/revamp/overhaul, but you don't know where to start?

I recommend starting with By Nieves. This natural, handmade body care company has got the right idea - start with the space around you, then work on your body and skin's feel and appearance and you're on the way to a brand new you

(All of these products are available in the Dabble and Deluxe Bags as well as individually.)

Start with a little Cloud of Protection. This world can be pretty toxic and full of stuff that will make you sick or simply feel bad, so consider this your little antidote against anything trying to get at you.  This delightful and invigorating concoction is much better than tarot cards or smudging the room. This one's actually good for you - just check out the fab ingredients: water, natural grape spirits, juniper needle, juniper berry, eucalyptus, litsea cubeba (citrusy and calming), cedar, benzoin and rose essential oils. Spritz it on you, on your hands after a long, grubby train ride or your surroundings whenever you need a lift, a cleanse or a reboot. It's a wonderful scent that has a familiarity from childhood (playing in the forest? a room in the family house?) and infuses you with a bubble of tranquility. Ahh, that's better. So much better.

To get the rest of you under control, try The Balm, a kind of catchall product that works for everything - hair, skin, lips and even uh, down there if you like (that's what the label says anyway). What I like about this is that you'll always find uses for it - dry, ragged cuticles, that annoying little patch of eczema, that tender area below your nose after a wretched cold... you'll come to depend on it as much as your morning cup of joe.

Whether you use Face Fix as a scrub or mask, you won't believe how quickly your skin goes from ravaged to ravenous. I love the scents - licorice, rose, rosehip, lavender, chamomile, grapefruit and orange - and how you can actually feel your skin tighten, and then immediately soften. It's a damn miracle this stuff.

Right after that, apply "C" Perfect Skin. This serum/moisturizer will sink deeply into your dermis, and despite being chock full of essential oils, it's not oily in the least. It makes you instantly feel renewed and recharged, with it's fresh citrus scent and pure goodness, both in ingredients and karma.

I am not a bath girl, but I am all for rejuvenating and relaxing. That, and the hope that By Nieves Bath Salt will detox me not only of the harmful toxins in my body (do red wine and bourbon count?), but the few extra calories I've been carrying around since the colder weather arrived. But if the only thing this enchanting amalgam of sea salt, epsom salt, kelp seaweed, lavender, cedar and rosemary essential oils does is calm me down and give me a little bit of peace, then it's done more than enough.

I am forever grateful to have discovered By Nieves. It's one of the best product lines I've ever used.

Get yourself a bunch.

Stephanie Dickison

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