Rubbermaid Makes It Easy to Be the Queen of Clean

I have long been a devotee to Rubbermaid. Using their products allows me to do things better and more efficiently, giving me more time to do what makes me happiest.

Take their latest Bathroom Cleaning Tools, for example. They are designed to help you get a deeper clean in less time with less elbow grease.

Because we both know how quickly the bathroom gets dirty, just mere moments after you've cleaned it. And your kitchen sponges and scrubs aren't going to stand up to that grunge, get into those narrow nooks and crannies and allow you to spray and then wipe as you go. Nu uh.  

That's why you should get yourself the following:

- Extendable Scrubber (pictured above)

Get into those tight corners without having to bend or strain anything. Scrub the hell outta the floor/tub/walls/etc. from afar and then detach the head for when you need to get up-close-and-personal. It's better than a mop and easier than a sponge (the non-scratch pad means you can scour to your heart's content without scratching anything).

Save yourself a lot of time and energy with this l'il beauty. Spraying and scrubbing at once means you can be done sooner, because even though I like cleaning the bathroom, who doesn't want to get onto other things? Go ahead and clean everything while you're at it - this tank holds 4 oz. so you can clean until you can clean no more and chances are, you won't have used up all the cleaner. Oh, and if you want to switch out the pad for something different, feel free. This is about what you need to make things easier.

- 2-in-1 Scrubber

I am one for getting into all of the tight spots and corners, so I squealed with delight (yes, cleaning products excite me) when I discovered the small detail brush embedded into the extra large scrubber. Ooh, it's perfect for all those teensy spots that so often get missed because nothing can get in there. And the large scrubber means that you can whoosh through the tub, sink and floor in no time. And it works with any of the switchable pads, so go ahead and clean the way you want to.

- Flexible Scrub Brush

Well, I'll be, a scrubber that finally keeps up with all the round corners of our tubs and sinks. It's amazingly customizable - lock it so that it stays flat or press the big red button to release the top part of the brush that bends and flexes. It not only helps you do a better job, it's way easier on the hands and wrists.

See why I love Rubbermaid? You will too.

Stephanie Dickison

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