Le Feu De L'eau Candles - Say Hello to the Perfect Fall/Winter Home Accessory

Candles are really an all-year-round kind of pleasure, but with the sky starting to darken at 6 and the chill bracing against the windows and doors, it seems that now is the perfect time to be festooning the house with twinkling, warm light.

One of the most intriguing lines I've come across is Le Feu De L'Eau. What makes them so unique and utterly fascinating is that they aren't created by using a mold - instead they use water to sculpt the shape combined with high temperature wax. It's then custom blended into a soy candle filling, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece each and every time.

Inspired by the 1960's "fantasy candle," Jo Strettell and Wendy Polish have kept the candle very luxe with just a slight nod to the hippy version. The collection includes amazingly modern colours that will go with your look and decor whether you'll all about rustic industrial or shabby chic. And each colour comes with it's own fragrance as well, also very Sixties, which as you know is very much right now too:

- Chartreuse: cedar/frakincense
- Ivory: patchouli/amber
- Grey: musk/smoke
- Midnight blue: black & red currant
- Brown: amber
- Rose: tuberose
- Phthalo blue: night blooming jasmine

I tried out Chartreuse (pictured above), which is the perfect colour and scent for the upcoming holidays (hint, hint). At about 4 inches in diameter and height, it provides quite a stunning centerpiece for your living/dining room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

There are many people that believe that water holds of the most powerful energies in the world. The fact that water, not hands, were used to mold these striking candles makes me think that's entirely possible.

So this winter and holiday season, when it's time to replenish your candles, why not get water-crafted ones that are like no other? Something tells me it will be just one of the many reasons people remember visiting you.

Stephanie Dickison

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