Kérastase Homme - Because Your Fella Should Have Gorgeous Locks Too

I am a lifelong fan and devotee of Kérastase. I've written about their amazing products over and over again (Soleil, Oléo-Relax Slim, Fibre Architecte 1 and 2 and Cristalliste),  because they really do completely transform your hair. And I should know. I have the craziest to manage hair - and every time I use Kérastase, I get this head of hair that seems outta the pages of InStyle and Vogue.

But I thought it was time to help the fellas with their locks - because why should we have all the fun?

Kérastase Homme New Capitol Force Vita-Energizing Shampoo is made just for gents. And a good thing too, because according to a Corcedal Study, 2007, "64% of men have normal hair," yet they battle receding hair lines, temple hair loss and scalps that tighten and lack nutrition. Capitol Force is the only range dedicated to preserving hair capital, as its called (hence the name).

Powerful ingredients help keep the hair healthy and shiny. Taurine and D-Biotin work on strengthening the hair bulb, while SP 94, ginseng and menthol stimulate and energize the hair follicles. Despite the intensive work going on the hair and scalp, your guy can absolutely use it every day.

I had my guy try it on his amazingly dark locks and I really noticed the difference in shine and volume. He of the 2-in-1 shampoo, didn't see it, but I did. And the fresh woodsy, minty (read: manly) scent is divine - so much better than that drugstore stuff he uses. My god, the fragrance alone was intoxicating, nevermind his now extremely lustruous hair.

Oh my.

Shop Kérastase Homme New Capitol Force Vita-Energizing Shampoo now. He might not notice, but you will. And that's what counts, right?

Stephanie Dickison

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