Logitech's Wireless Keyboards & Mice - Get Ready for Back-to-School/Work in Style

You might think this is silly, but I feel better and even more productive when I like the look and feel of the tools I use.

Have you ever worked in an office where you have an old computer and keyboard and it just feels gross? See? You get it. 

And how about getting stuff that works? Like a dream, even. That should be the goal too. Have you ever noticed the old equipment people use? A friend of mine uses an old mouse from the 90s because it still works. Now, that's fine and all, but there are better one out there now, that are better, faster, stronger, etc.

That's why I urge you to look at your current computer setups. Could it be better? 

I believe it can be, thanks to Logitech. One of best companies when it comes to design, Logitech not only will upgrade how quickly you're able to work, it will improve how your space looks too.

Take their mice, for example. Their design is simply flawless. I was using a big computer company's mouse until recently and I thought it was working well until I switched to the Logitech Wireless Mouse M305.

Never have I used a smoother, zippier mouse. The control you have with it is insane. So precise, so lightening speed. You should see my fly around on the mouse pad now. No dragging or pulling, just the smoothest ride you'll ever experience. And while my other mouse claimed to be ergo dynamically designed, there's no way it could be because it's nothing like the curved comfort of the M305. It's got wonderful indentations for your fingers to rest and I've noticed that I no longer grip the mouse or tense my fingers like I used to. They are completely relaxed, thanks to the curves and texturized rubber grips on the side that keep your hand in place. Even the scroll wheel is supreme - I'm up and down and all around on the page. I honestly feel like I'm getting 10 times more done in half the time I used to.

And of course, they go the extra mile in terms of design:

- The teensiest little nano receiver barely sticks out the side of your keyboard or laptop, so no catching it on anything or banging it into anything. And should you need to pack it for travel, the receiver stores inside the mouse, so no need to continue foraging around the bottom of your carry on to find out where your little receiver got to. Brilliant.

- With 18-months of battery life (and it takes just one, not two like most, and it's included), you'll forget it even uses a battery. An indicator light thoughtfully comes on to remind you when it's time to replace it and it automatically turns itself off when it's not in use, again, saving you on batteries. Oh. Mah. Gawd.

- Logitech even made the blister packaging easy to open. Logitech, you are the greatest.

- And then there's all the pretty designs you've got to choose from, so you can customize it to your space and style. I loooooove having a little visual interest on my desktop.

- It even comes with a matching keyboard

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360, as you can imagine, is insanely great too. I love that it's gorgeous and yet, don't take up much space at all (the less cluttered my desk, the happier I am). So whether you use it with a desktop or laptop, you don't have to give up prime real estate to type and work in complete comfort (it's 20% smaller than most keyboards and as wide as my laptop). So go ahead and set up a work station in your kitchen for you and the kids or get by using a teeny desk - you'll still have space to work comfortably.
I am smitten with its folding legs. You can increase the keyboard by eight degrees, so your wrists don't get sore. With my old keyboard, I had to use a stand to get it to rise and it was always slipping and moving and sometimes even wonkily bounced around as I typed. Thanks to rubber feet, it stays put.

Again, the battery part is genius - it lasts three years. The receiver too - just plug it in and start typing. No syncing or setup required.

This keyboard helps you be more efficient with its 6 "hot" keys and 12 programmable F-keys. The six hot keys at the top allow you to control your music - adjust the volume, hit mute, play or pause. It's amazing to be able to work and listen to your playlist without having to open and minimize windows all day long.  And instead of mousing and clicking through steps to get to your email, just set up one of these keys and bam - you're already ahead of the game!

And thanks to its strong wireless connection, you can go ahead and move to the couch or dining room table to work. No more extending cords across the floor or worrying about delayed connections or dropouts.

Of course I absolutely love having a pretty keyboard, but it's got to feel good too. What's fascinating about this keyboard is that the keys are quite raised, yet it's extremely quiet and because the keys have this softness to them, they're actually quite enjoyable to use. It's funny - now I kind of prefer it to my laptop keys.

So whether you're setting up a new workspace for the fall, getting the kids ready for back-to-school or simply need to bring your current desktop up to date, I highly recommend getting yourself Logitech Wireless Mice & Keyboards. You won't believe how much faster you're able to work.

Which means you'll have a lot more time for the fun stuff.

Shop Logitech now.

Stephanie Dickison

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