Classic Clips - Fastening Papers With a Touch of Class

Look, I have nothing against regular paper clips, but it's time that you step up your game. It's 2012, for crying out loud, and we've moved past just being okay with the ordinary. It's time to personalize and brand yourself as the classy act that you are.

That's why you need Classic Clips.

These gorgeous paper fasteners show people you're serious about your work and your style. But they're not just pretty faces. Oh no, these clips secure your papers better than any paper clip I've used, and are easier to remove than staples. They're also reusable and recyclable (unlike staples) so you're not only stepping up your office game, you're helping the environment too.

Whether you're heading back to school next week or simply giving your home or work office a much-needed makeover, Classic Clips coordinate with your style and decor. They come in many different colours and styles:

- corporate logos (knack clips? how cool is that?)

What I like about these is they hold up to 12 pages, they're affordable and you can customize them how you like. Classic Clips was kind enough to send me monogrammed "SD" clips (so awesome) and you can choose from great designs such as an anchor (tres hipster chic, no?), windsor for you interior decorator buffs and a cat for cat lovers.

I love the colour range  too - gold and silver make business correspondence a little more polished and elegant, gorgeous metallic pastels add serenity to whatever paper your presenting and rich, bold shades such as navy and red add pop to your everyday paper.

In this day and age, why would you settle for plain office supply paper clips when you can have Classic Clips?

Stephanie Dickison

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