Amarelli Licorice - The Best Licorice There Is

A lot of people don't like licorice. It's like cilantro, beets and brussel sprouts - it's a heavy dislike. However, the sugary, plastic-y black licorice that you get at your corner store is nothing like the decadent, rich and clean taste of Amarelli Liquirizia.

The Amarelli family has been handling licorice since 1500 and thus, are the leaders on the most natural licorice, with many health benefits and therapeutic properties (digestive, toner, emollient for respiratory tract). So while you'll enjoy the taste, know that it's also doing your body good - something you probably can't say about the other mints and candies you've currently got in your purse and desk drawer.

Prepared in Calabria in the oldest licorice in the world, the licorice root is stone milled, then roasted in a boiler heated by olive marc. This hand-crafted, quality licorice is worlds away from the stuff you had as a kid. So if you didn't like it then, give Amarelli a try. You might be surprised to find that you actually like it.

And no need to worry about additives, sweeteners, cornstarch, beeswax and other gross ingredients that you find in today's licorice.

Another unique factor is that they come in these tiny pieces, like gems found in the sea, that are held in the most beautiful tins ensconced in vintage designs, so it's a tres elegant, adult way to enjoy your licorice.

There are 3 varieties to choose from - plain, mint-flavoured and anise (an even saltier concoction for those of us with intense salt-tooths).

Stephanie Dickison

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