Pilot's NEW FriXion Ball Clicker Pens - Say Goodbye to Mistakes. At Least Visible Ones.

There's only one person I know who is completely paperless - my fella Scott (he does happen to have a whack of tech devices to help him with this near-impossible task). But otherwise, most of us still write stuff down, no matter how much we love our computers and gear (I really do love my laptop, phone and accessories).

In fact, my friend Shawn and I were trying to schedule a meeting and we both had to wait until getting home to refer to our paper calendars to set on a date.

And if you look at my monthly calendar (pictured above), you'll see that I use pen and then have to use white tape when plans change. This makes for a messy calendar as my meetings and deadlines change not only daily, but sometimes even hourly.

So when I heard about the NEW FriXion Ball Clicker Pen by Pilot, I was excited. A pen that can erase cleanly without tearing or crumpling the paper? This could change everything.

These retractable gel pens use friction to erase your pen marks, so you no longer have to leave behind a mess of scratched out text or have to try and cover it all up with white tape or labels. And for those of you, like my friend Wayne who uses pencil on his calendar for this very reason, you can now switch to pen and enjoy the look and feel of pen - It's revolutionary for those of use highly addicted to working with paper.

It comes in various colours (I color code my notes and schedule like a dweeb, so I really appreciate this) and in medium and extra fine point, so you can rock your work the way you like to, and not be a slave to whatever has been on hand up until now. Oh, it's so smooth, you'll want to write all the time (maybe that screenplay in the bottom drawer of your desk will finally get finished).

And to completely blow your mind, check out the NEW FriXion Ball Clicker Highlighter. How many times have you mistakenly highlighted text? If it was your own handwriting, you could white it all out and then rewrite it out, but what about in a book or on a photocopy? You would be left with your mistake glaring back at you. That is now a thing of the past. Holy eff.

Whether you just occasionally make notes or lists or you write all day every day like I do, you should get yourself a whack of NEW FriXion Ball Clickers and finally be a neatfreak. Or at least appear to be one.

Frixion erasable pens, highlighters and markers are available in Canada at most office/art supply retailers. For a detailed list, click here. If you're in the US,  go here.

Stephanie Dickison

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