Essence Cosmetics Are a Luxury You Can Absolutely Afford

Every season I like to update the colours in both my wardrobe and makeup. Most of the year I can be found in black and gray clothes with black and gray eyeliners, so when summer arrives, I want a hit of colour so badly

But I don't have a ton of money to spare, so anything inexpensive is great, but I want quality products too.

That's why I cannot get enough of Essence Cosmetics, the makeup line that's taken Europe by storm, now available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix.

Their Long Lasting Eye Pencils come in exhilarating rich colours that really make my hazel eyes stand out. They go on so softly and smoothly, yet stay put all day long and have just a touch of shimmer in them, so you constantly look glamourous. And to get more colour, you simply twist them up, so go ahead and toss your messy sharpener:

- the depth of I Have a Green is dramatic without being too intense
- Cool Down's blue is like being at sea
- Purple is one of the season's hottest shades, so rock Coolest Chic - it's the one I've been getting the most compliments on
- you've got to get C'est La Vie, a gorgeous silver that makes the whites of your eye pop and adds a little Hollywood touch to your everyday look.

These are under $2.50 each (OMG), so you can afford to go crazy and get a bunch.

I am completely smitten with Essence Colour & Shine Eyeshadows. You get a shock of colour and shimmer that you can apply wet or dry and they go on like a dream. Just swipe on and it looks like you've been to a makeup artist. Seriously, it has such a professional look and I've been applying it with just the tip of my finger, not even a brush. I find that most eyeshadows kind of just slip away on my tiny lids, but these shadows stayed put. So of course now I've been wearing Fabulous - a brown, bronzy blend - and Jungle Fever - silver metallics - almost daily now because they create such a stunning look. Oh, and they're a mere $3.99 each. Yeah, you read correctly. They're so inexpensive, you might as well get one of every colour.

Their Multi Action False Lashes Mascara is as you can imagine, divine. At only $4.49, it lengthens my lashes to an almost obscene length (they brush against my glasses) and they are so dark and sexy...

Don't let their cheap prices fool you - these are quality cosmetics that are right on trend and might actually work better than what you're using right now. At these prices, you simply can't go wrong, so get yourself a whole basket full of Essence Cosmetics now.

p.s. They also offer a lot of lip products, other eye products, face products and nail polishes as well.

p.p.s. My photo above does not do the colours justice. Go and see them in person.

p.p.s. Essence and Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix are offering 2 outstanding summer contests: 1. From July 7 to August 3, 2012, you have a change to win $20 of Essence Cosmetics every week. And 2. Essence cosmetic gurus have a chance to win a grand prize VIP trip for 2 to Toronto, plus $2,000 to spend on a shopping spree! Check 'em out and enter now.

Stephanie Dickison

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