Sleep Well Tonight Thanks to Essence of Vali Aromatherapy

Whether it's the sticky heat and humidity blasting its way into your bedroom at night or the long laundry list of things you got to do (right, remind self to do the laundry tomorrow....), no doubt you've been trouble with sleepless nights lately like I have.

But I have found immense relief thanks to Essence of Vali

Founder and President Valerie Bennis - nickname Vali -  is a certified aromatherapist and has created a gorgeous line of products that don't just make you feel good, they help you fall asleep!

She has a whole line just dedicated to sleep, so whether you prefer oils, balms or mists, you'll find something that will induce zzzz.

Sleep Relief Massage & Bath Oil is perfect when you need to de-stress and/or fall asleep. You can massage the oil into your entire body or do as Vali suggests and dab a little above your upper lip so that you'll be inhaling the blissful scent of lavender flowers, peppermint leaves and birch bark. Or, if you prefer, add it to your bath water for a soothing soak after a long day. It comes in 2 + 4 oz cobalt blue non-breakable bottles - so keep the 4 oz. at home and the 2 oz. packed in your carry-on for your next trip. You won't want to leave the house without it.

Whether you simply need to get a good night's sleep (please, oh please) or you need some stress relief from your insane day, Sleep Bedtime Balm will calm you down and set you right. You just put some above your upper lip and let the lavender, cedarwood, marjoram & ylang ylang essential oils alleviate your woes and take you to a more peaceful, serene and tranquil place. Ahh, doesn't that feel better?

And if it's sleep that you really and truly need, then sleep is what you shall have, thanks to this Bedtime Ritual. Just put a drop on the corner of your pillowcase or on a tissue and slip inside the pillowcase. The lavender, cedarwood, marjoram & ylang ylang essential oils will help you slip off into never never land and you'll awake feeling like you've slept for days.

Of course, Essence of Vali offers much more than remedies for sleep. Check out their amazing Healing Index and see what will work for what ails you. Do you want to refresh or detox? Fortify or calm? Whatever you need, there's help in the way of all-natural, wonderfully aromatic blends that will make you feel better. 

And because there's nothing more uplifting than smelling amazing, get yourself some EOV Eau de Parfum while you're at it. It's a bold, sexy, energizing scent that will infuse you with confidence and joy. 

It's amazing what a little scents can do... Shop Essence of Vali now.

Stephanie Dickison

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