Parker's Maple Barn Superb Maple Syrup Comes in the Most Amazing Varieties. Like Candy & Coffee.

Maple syrup is something that as a Canadian, is just part of your bloodstream. And no artificial substitutes will do.

So when I found Parker's Maple Barn, located in the quiet town of Mason, New Hampshire, I knew I'd found a home away from home.

Originally a small sugar house from the 1800s owned by the Parker family, it still produces maple syrup following the old tradition of wood-fired evaporators. That's how you get such a rich, vibrant product.

But what's amazing about Parker's Maple Barn is that they offer so many amazing maple flavoured items, you don't have to quell your craving until it's time for pancakes and waffles!

Take their amazing Gourmet Maple Coffee, for instance. My fella and I were in heaven the week we had this coffee on the go. It's perfect because a local coffee roaster adds the flavour of the syrup to premium arabica coffee beans, resulting in a rich taste without too much sweetness. Gosh, this is amazing coffee. If you want your day to start off right, you'll get yourself Parker's Maple Barn Gourmet Maple Coffee.

And for those of you that get a hankerin' for something sweet at around 2 in the afternoon, their Maple Jelly Beans will satiate you. And I was surprised at how low calorie they are - 37 jelly beans are only 140 calories. You can finally indulge a little in the goodness of maple syrup.

But you'll want to save room for the Homemade Maple Peanut Clusters. These divine beauties are wonderfully decadent without ever being too much. You'll tell yourself you'll just have one. And that's okay. No one's looking. So if you have 5, no one will know. 

These are just a few of the hundreds of items Parker's Maple Barn offers, so shop now and discover products that are made with love and care and incredible maple syrup.

Stephanie Dickison

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