NEW React by Sof Sole Insole Changes The Game - Your Game

Ever since I first tried Sof Soles, I have ensured that my runners always have them. They make all the difference in your comfort level. Thanks to these insoles, I have gone for walks that last almost 9 hours. Try and do that in a regular shoe - Not. Gonna. Happen.

The NEW React by Sof Sole insoles give you both the performance you want while you're running and the comfort you need and deserve while walking or running.

If you're a serious runner or athlete, you'll want React Airr Active, made in models for both men and women. You get an ergonomic design that thanks to an amazing air chamber and polymer gel technologies, gives you support, comfort, breathability, shock absorption and performance.

If you still want structured performance but need something for your low or neutral arch, get React Airr Support. You'll get the support and structure you need without having to go to an podiatrist, chiropodist or be fitted with pricey orthotics.

Once you've tried Sof Sole Insoles, you won't be able to do without them. I certainly can't.

Soft Sole React Insoles are available exclusively at select Foot Locker Stores.

Stephanie Dickison

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