Save Your Pilled Clothing with Gleener: The Ultimate Fuzz Remover

It's awfully hard to find a winter coat that I 1. love and 2. can afford. So when I finally find one, I hang onto it for dear life. And basically wear it into the ground.

So you can imagine the state of my black wool coat that I've worn everywhere for the last 3 years. It's basically just a worn, wooly ball now, which is why I had planned to donate it as I made the switch from winter to spring clothes. Yep, there's no way I could wear it another year without being completely embarrassed. But I was sad. It was such a great coat and if it weren't for all that pilling, I could probably get another 2-3 years out of it.

Of course I'd tried to de-pill it on my own. I used a razor, but it only managed to remove fuzz here and there. I'd have to spend 50 hours de-balling it if I wanted to save it. Nope, I didn't want to dedicate that kind of time to it, so into the donation bag it went.

Lucky for me, miracles do happen. This time, it came in the form of Gleener: The Ultimate Fuzz Remover.

This fantastically designed wonder  goes to work on any sweater pills, coat fuzz balls and scarf fluffs that have occurred due to wear - all without damaging your garment (which we both know is why we were hesitant to us a de-fuzzer in the first place). You can choose from 3 blades that work with whatever fabric you've got. They are clearly numbered, so you simply select 1. if you're working with wool or wool/synthetic blends (like my winter coat), 2. if you've got medium to large pills and 3. if you need to de-pill something as fine as silk or viscose. Then you click it easily into place and start saving your wardrobe, one piece at a time! The blades feel kind of like sandpaper, so you don't have to worry about it further wearing away your favourite top/bottom/coat/bag, etc.

I love the easy-to-grip handle and the lint brush at the opposite end. It comes with  a little drawstring bag so that you can keep everything together. It's so quick and easy to use that I was able to take my favourite coat from decrepit to dazzling in less than 10 minutes! I was able to save it! I was so happy that I actually did a little celebratory dance beside the closet. Imagine how many sweaters I'll be able to save! My wool dresses and jackets! Even my cotton pants that have pilled on the side where my purse rubs!

Gleener is one of the best items you can own. It will save you time, money and most of all, heartache. We both know that some items, you just want to wear just a little bit longer. At least until you can find their appropriate replacement.
Get your own Gleener now.

Stephanie Dickison

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