Look Slim this Summer with Secret's New Cool Comfort Shapewear

The weather is getting warmer, which means tops are going to be shorter, skimming your middle like no winter sweater before. It also means no more big flowy pants to hide everything - now it's short skirts, slim capris and shorts if you're daring enough.

Sigh. As much as I'd hoped to be shape by now, I'm not ready to bare my skin as it is just yet. I need a few more weeks to pare down, tone up and whatever else I can do to keep things taut where they ought to be.

So I'm feeling immense gratitude for Secret's Cool Comfort Shapewear that not only trims your look, but keeps you cool, thanks to its high performance moisture-wicking fabric!

It's just what you want - to look slim and svelte without feeling bound up and sweaty.  After all, this is not the era of conical bras or corsets, this is 2012. It should be all about looking great AND being comfortable. And no one does that better than Secret.
There are two new styles to this collection that I think are absolute essentials - a Camisole Smoother (pictured at top) and the High Waist Mid-Thigh Slimmer (pictured below).

Each helps hide your bulges and sleeks everything down so your silhouette is simply smooth and sexy, no matter when the last time you got to the gym. Thanks to fused panel technology and clean finish edges, you don't have to worry about any lines to give away your awesome secret! I like the Camisole Smoother for when I'm wearing a top or dress that skims my body and the High Waist Mid-Thigh Slimmer for added confidence when I'm rocking dresses, skirts or pants. In other words, whatever outfit you plan on wearing, it's about to look a whole lot better, thanks to Secret!

Available in medium, large and extra-large, and two colours -  nude and black - you can get Secret Cool Comfort across Canada exclusively at select Walmart stores.

Visit www.secretlegwear.com for more information.

Stephanie Dickison

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